All Implemented Interfaces:
AttributeParser, AttributeSerializer

public class AigpAttributeParser extends Object implements AttributeParser, AttributeSerializer
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    • AigpAttributeParser

      public AigpAttributeParser()
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    • parseAttribute

      public void parseAttribute(io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf buffer, AttributesBuilder builder, PeerSpecificParserConstraint constraint)
      Description copied from interface: AttributeParser
      Parses attribute from ByteBuf buffer.
      Specified by:
      parseAttribute in interface AttributeParser
      buffer - Encoded attribute body in ByteBuf.
      builder - Path attributes builder. Guaranteed to contain all valid attributes whose type is numerically lower than this attribute's type.
      constraint - Peer specific constraints, may be null
    • serializeAttribute

      public void serializeAttribute(Attributes attribute, io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf byteAggregator)
      Specified by:
      serializeAttribute in interface AttributeSerializer