Class LLDP

  • public class LLDP
    extends Packet
    Class that represents the LLDP frame objects.
    • Field Detail


        public static final byte[] LLDP_MULTICAST_MAC
    • Constructor Detail

      • LLDP

        public LLDP()
        Default constructor that creates the tlvList LinkedHashMap.
      • LLDP

        public LLDP​(boolean writeAccess)
        Constructor that creates the tlvList LinkedHashMap and sets the write access for the same.
    • Method Detail

      • getTLV

        public LLDPTLV getTLV​(String type)
        Gets the full LLDPTLV.
        type - description of the type of TLV
        LLDPTLV - full TLV
      • setTLV

        public void setTLV​(String type,
                           LLDPTLV tlv)
        Sets the LLDPTLV for a type.
        type - description of the type of TLV
        tlv - tlv to set
      • getChassisId

        public LLDPTLV getChassisId()
        Returns the chassisId TLV.
      • setChassisId

        public LLDP setChassisId​(LLDPTLV chassisId)
      • getSystemNameId

        public LLDPTLV getSystemNameId()
        Returns the SystemName TLV.
      • setSystemNameId

        public LLDP setSystemNameId​(LLDPTLV systemNameId)
      • getPortId

        public LLDPTLV getPortId()
        Returns the portId TLV.
      • setPortId

        public LLDP setPortId​(LLDPTLV portId)
      • getTtl

        public LLDPTLV getTtl()
        Return the ttl TLV.
      • getSystemDesc

        public LLDPTLV getSystemDesc()
        Return the SystemDesc TLV.
      • setSystemDesc

        public LLDP setSystemDesc​(LLDPTLV systemDesc)
      • getPortDesc

        public LLDPTLV getPortDesc()
        Return the PortDesc TLV.
      • setPortDesc

        public LLDP setPortDesc​(LLDPTLV portDesc)
      • getSystemCapabilities

        public LLDPTLV getSystemCapabilities()
        Return the SystemCapabilities TLV.
      • setSystemCapabilities

        public LLDP setSystemCapabilities​(LLDPTLV systemCapabilities)
      • getManagementAddress

        public LLDPTLV getManagementAddress()
        Return the ManagementAddress TLV.
      • setManagementAddress

        public LLDP setManagementAddress​(LLDPTLV managementAddress)
      • getOptionalTLVList

        public Iterable<LLDPTLV> getOptionalTLVList()
        Returns the optionalTLVList.
      • getCustomTlvList

        public Iterable<LLDPTLV> getCustomTlvList()
        Returns the customTlvList.
      • setOptionalTLVList

        public LLDP setOptionalTLVList​(List<LLDPTLV> optionalTLVList)
      • addCustomTLV

        public LLDP addCustomTLV​(LLDPTLV customTLV)
      • deserialize

        public Packet deserialize​(byte[] data,
                                  int bitOffset,
                                  int size)
                           throws PacketException
        Description copied from class: Packet
        This method deserializes the data bits obtained from the wire into the respective header and payload which are of type Packet.
        deserialize in class Packet
        data - - data from wire to deserialize
        bitOffset - bit position where packet header starts in data array
        size - size of packet in bits
        PacketException - if deserialization fails
      • serialize

        public byte[] serialize()
                         throws PacketException
        Description copied from class: Packet
        This method serializes the header and payload from the respective packet class, into a single stream of bytes to be sent on the wire.
        serialize in class Packet
        The byte array representing the serialized Packet
        PacketException - if serialization fails