Class AbstractMatchEntrySerializer.ConstantHeaderWriter<E,M>

Type Parameters:
E - Match entry type
M - Match entry mask type, use Void a mask is not applicable
Enclosing class:

protected static final class AbstractMatchEntrySerializer.ConstantHeaderWriter<E,M> extends AbstractMatchEntrySerializer.HeaderWriter<E,M>
Utility AbstractMatchEntrySerializer.HeaderWriter optimized for cases where the header does not depend on the actual entry content beyond presence/absence of a mask. This class pre-computes the possible header values for masked/unmasked cases and stores them internally for reuse.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConstantHeaderWriter

      protected ConstantHeaderWriter(int withMask, int withoutMask)
    • ConstantHeaderWriter

      protected ConstantHeaderWriter(int oxmClassCode, int oxmFieldCode, int valueLength)
    • ConstantHeaderWriter

      protected ConstantHeaderWriter(int oxmClassCode, int oxmFieldCode, int valueLength, int extraLength)
  • Method Details

    • writeHeader

      protected void writeHeader(E entry, M mask, io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf outBuffer)
      Description copied from class: AbstractMatchEntrySerializer.HeaderWriter
      Write out the header for a particular entry, containing specified mask, to the provided output buffer.
      Specified by:
      writeHeader in class AbstractMatchEntrySerializer.HeaderWriter<E,M>
      entry - match entry for which to write the header
      mask - mask as extracted from the match entry, may be null
      outBuffer - output buffer