Class MultiMsgCollectorImpl<T extends OfHeader>

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public class MultiMsgCollectorImpl<T extends OfHeader> extends Object implements MultiMsgCollector<T>
Implementation for MultiMsgCollector interface.
Vaclav Demcak, Timotej Kubas
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    • addMultipartMsg

      public void addMultipartMsg(@NonNull T reply, boolean reqMore, @Nullable EventIdentifier eventIdentifier)
      Description copied from interface: MultiMsgCollector
      Method adds a reply multipart message to the collection and if the message has marker "I'M A LAST" method set whole Collection to Future object and remove from cache.
      Specified by:
      addMultipartMsg in interface MultiMsgCollector<T extends OfHeader>
      reply - reply
      reqMore - request more replies
      eventIdentifier - event identifier
    • endCollecting

      public void endCollecting(@Nullable EventIdentifier eventIdentifier)
      Description copied from interface: MultiMsgCollector
      Null response could be a valid end multipart collecting event for barrier response scenario. We are not able to resolve an issue (it is or it isn't barrier scenario) so we have to finish collecting multipart messages successfully.
      Specified by:
      endCollecting in interface MultiMsgCollector<T extends OfHeader>
      eventIdentifier - event identifier