Interface PCEPSessionListener

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractTopologySessionListener, PCCSessionListener, TestingSessionListener

@NonNullByDefault public interface PCEPSessionListener
Listener that receives session informations from the session.
  • Method Details

    • onSessionUp

      void onSessionUp(PCEPSession session)
      Fired when the session was established successfully.
      session - Peer address families which we accepted
    • onSessionDown

      void onSessionDown(PCEPSession session, Exception exception)
      Fired when the session went down because of an IO error. Implementation should take care of closing underlying session.
      session - that went down
      exception - Exception that was thrown as the cause of session being down
    • onSessionTerminated

      void onSessionTerminated(PCEPSession session, PCEPTerminationReason reason)
      Fired when the session is terminated locally. The session has already been closed and transitioned to IDLE state. Any outstanding queued messages were not sent. The user should not attempt to make any use of the session.
      reason - the cause why the session went down
    • onMessage

      void onMessage(PCEPSession session, Message message)
      Fired when a normal protocol message is received.
      message - Protocol message