Class HexEncode

  • public final class HexEncode
    extends Object
    The class provides methods to convert hex encode strings.
    • Method Detail

      • bytesToHexString

        public static String bytesToHexString​(byte[] bytes)
        This method converts byte array into String format without ":" inserted.
        bytes - The byte array to convert to string
        The hexadecimal representation of the byte array. If bytes is null, "null" string is returned
      • longToHexString

        public static String longToHexString​(long val)
      • bytesFromHexString

        public static byte[] bytesFromHexString​(String values)
      • stringToLong

        public static long stringToLong​(String values)
      • bytesToHexStringFormat

        public static String bytesToHexStringFormat​(byte[] bytes)
        This method converts byte array into HexString format with ":" inserted.