Class FlowStatisticsToNotificationTransformer

  • public final class FlowStatisticsToNotificationTransformer
    extends Object
    Pulled out flow stats to notification transformation.
    • Method Detail

      • transformToNotification

        public static FlowsStatisticsUpdate transformToNotification​(List<MultipartReply> mpResult,
                                                                    DeviceInfo deviceInfo,
                                                                    OpenflowVersion ofVersion,
                                                                    TransactionId emulatedTxId,
                                                                    ConvertorExecutor convertorExecutor)
        Transform to notification.
        mpResult - raw multipart response from device
        deviceInfo - device state
        ofVersion - device version
        emulatedTxId - emulated transaction Id
        convertorExecutor - convertor executor
        notification containing flow stats