Interface OwnershipChangeListener

    • Method Detail

      • becomeMaster

        void becomeMaster​(@NonNull DeviceInfo deviceInfo)
        This event is called when device is fully mastered. All condition have to been done successful.
        • Transaction chain created
        • RPC services started
        • Initial statistics gathering.
        • Initial DS submit.
        • Flow registry filled. - this step is not mandatory
        deviceInfo - connected switch identification
      • becomeSlaveOrDisconnect

        void becomeSlaveOrDisconnect​(@NonNull DeviceInfo deviceInfo)
        Should be called when device is disconnected or going to be slaved.
        deviceInfo - connected switch identification
      • setMasterChecker

        void setMasterChecker​(@NonNull MasterChecker masterChecker)
        Set the device mastership checker.
        masterChecker - MasterChecker