Class LispMapCacheStringifier


public final class LispMapCacheStringifier extends Object
  • Method Details

    • printKeys

      public static String printKeys(ILispDAO dao)
    • prettyPrintKeys

      public static String prettyPrintKeys(ILispDAO dao)
    • printFMCMappings

      public static String printFMCMappings(ILispDAO dao)
    • prettyPrintFMCMappings

      public static String prettyPrintFMCMappings(ILispDAO dao)
    • printMTMCMappings

      public static String printMTMCMappings(ILispDAO dao)
    • prettyPrintMTMCMappings

      public static String prettyPrintMTMCMappings(ILispDAO dao)
    • printSMCMappings

      public static String printSMCMappings(ILispDAO dao)
    • prettyPrintSMCMappings

      public static String prettyPrintSMCMappings(ILispDAO dao)
    • prettyPrintSubscriberSet

      public static String prettyPrintSubscriberSet(Set<Subscriber> subscribers, int indentation)
      Given a Set of Subscriber objects, and the level of indentation, create a nicely formatted String to be added to a map-cache print-out in a tabular form.
      subscribers - the Set of Subscriber objects to be printed
      indentation - indentation level
      the formatted String