• Class
    Configuration data for routing policies
    Top level container for routing policy applications.
    Operational state associated with routing policy
    This class represents the following YANG schema fragment defined in module openconfig-routing-policy
    Definitions for common set of policy action statements that manage the disposition or control flow of the policy
    Condition statement definitions for checking membership in a generic defined set
    Data definitions for pre-defined sets of attributes used in policy match conditions.
    grouping for IGP-specific policy actions
    grouping for IGP-specific policy conditions
    grouping for IGP policy conditions
    Condition statement definitions for consideration of a local characteristic of route
    Grouping containing options relating to how a particular set should be matched
    Grouping for a restricted set of match operation modifiers
    Data definition for a list of IPv4 or IPv6 neighbors which can be matched in a routing policy
    This module describes a YANG model for routing policy configuration.
    Data definition for a list of IPv4 or IPv6 prefixes which are matched as part a policy
    Top level container for OpenConfig routing policy
    Data definitions for a list of tags which can be matched in policies