Interface MessageRegistry

    • Method Detail

      • parseMessage

        Message parseMessage​(int messageType,
                             io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf buffer,
                             List<Message> errors)
                      throws PCEPDeserializerException
        Finds parser for given message type in the registry. Delegates parsing to found parser.
        messageType - message type, key in parser registry
        buffer - message wrapped in ByteBuf
        errors - list of error messages, that is filled during parsing
        null if the parser for this message could not be found
        PCEPDeserializerException - if the parsing did not succeed
      • serializeMessage

        void serializeMessage​(Message message,
                              io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf buffer)
        Find serializer for given message. Delegates parsing to found serializer.
        message - to be parsed
        buffer - byte buffer that will be filled with serialized message