Class AbstractPCEPSessionNegotiatorFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractPCEPSessionNegotiatorFactory

        public AbstractPCEPSessionNegotiatorFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • createNegotiator

        protected abstract AbstractPCEPSessionNegotiator createNegotiator​(PCEPSessionNegotiatorFactoryDependencies snd,
                                                                          io.netty.util.concurrent.Promise<PCEPSessionImpl> promise,
                                                                          short sessionId)
        Create a new negotiator. This method needs to be implemented by subclasses to actually provide a negotiator.
        snd - PCEP Session Negotiator dependencies
        promise - Session promise to be completed by the negotiator
        channel - Associated channel
        sessionId - Session ID assigned to the resulting session
        a PCEP session negotiator
      • getSessionRegistry

        public org.opendaylight.protocol.pcep.impl.PCEPPeerRegistry getSessionRegistry()