Interface RIBExtensionProviderContext

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    public interface RIBExtensionProviderContext
    extends RIBExtensionConsumerContext
    Interface for registering AdjRIBsIn factories. In order for a model-driven RIB implementation to work correctly, it has to know how to handle individual NLRI fields, whose encoding is specific to a AFI/SAFI pair. This interface exposes an interface for registration of factories for creating AdjRIBsIn instances, which handle the specifics.
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      • registerRIBSupport

        <T extends RIBSupport<?,​?>> RIBSupportRegistration<T> registerRIBSupport​(@NonNull Class<? extends AddressFamily> afi,
                                                                                       @NonNull Class<? extends SubsequentAddressFamily> safi,
                                                                                       T support)
        Register a RIBSupport instance for a particular AFI/SAFI combination.
        afi - Address Family identifier
        safi - Subsequent Address Family identifier
        support - T RIBSupport instance
        Registration handle. Call Registration.close() method to remove it.
        NullPointerException - if any of the arguments is null