Class ProtocolsConfigFileProcessor

    • Constructor Detail

      • ProtocolsConfigFileProcessor

        public ProtocolsConfigFileProcessor​(ConfigLoader configLoader,
                                            org.opendaylight.mdsal.dom.api.DOMDataBroker dataBroker)
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      • init

        public void init()
      • close

        public void close()
      • fileRootSchema

        public org.opendaylight.yangtools.yang.model.api.stmt.SchemaNodeIdentifier.Absolute fileRootSchema()
        Description copied from interface: ConfigFileProcessor
        Return the SchemaNodeIdentifier.Absolute path to the expected root node of the document contained in the file.
        An absolute schema node identifier.
      • loadConfiguration

        protected<? extends org.opendaylight.mdsal.common.api.CommitInfo> loadConfiguration​(org.opendaylight.mdsal.dom.api.DOMDataBroker dataBroker,
        Description copied from class: AbstractConfigFileProcessor
        Load specified DTO using provided DOMDataBroker.
        Specified by:
        loadConfiguration in class AbstractConfigFileProcessor
        dataBroker - data broker to use
        dto - normalizedNode
        Transaction commit future