Class RouteOrigin4OctectASEcHandler

    • Constructor Detail

      • RouteOrigin4OctectASEcHandler

        public RouteOrigin4OctectASEcHandler()
    • Method Detail

      • parseExtendedCommunity

        public ExtendedCommunity parseExtendedCommunity​(io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf body)
        Description copied from interface: ExtendedCommunityParser
        Parses the Extended Community value encoded in the buffer.
        body - ByteBuf
        Decoded Extended Community value.
      • serializeExtendedCommunity

        public void serializeExtendedCommunity​(ExtendedCommunity extendedCommunity,
                                               io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf body)
        Description copied from interface: ExtendedCommunitySerializer
        Serializes Extended Community value to the buffer.
        extendedCommunity - ExtendedCommuity to be encoded.
        body - The output buffer where the extended community is written.
      • getSubType

        public int getSubType()
        Description copied from interface: ExtendedCommunitySerializer
        Provides a sub-type of the extended community for which the serializer is registered.
        A sub-type of the extended community.