Class EvpnNlriParser

    • Constructor Detail

      • EvpnNlriParser

        public EvpnNlriParser()
    • Method Detail

      • extractEvpnDestination

        public static EvpnDestination extractEvpnDestination​( route)
      • extractRouteKeyDestination

        public static EvpnDestination extractRouteKeyDestination​( evpnChoice)
      • serializeNlri

        public static void serializeNlri​(List<EvpnDestination> destinationList,
                                         io.netty.buffer.ByteBuf output)
      • convertMpReachToMpUnReach

        public boolean convertMpReachToMpUnReach​(MpReachNlri mpReachNlri,
                                                 MpUnreachNlriBuilder builder)
        Description copied from interface: NlriParser
        Convert MP_REACH attribute and merge it to existing MpUnreachNlriBuilder.
        Specified by:
        convertMpReachToMpUnReach in interface NlriParser
        mpReachNlri - MP_REACH attribute to be converted
        builder - to which converted routing information should be added
        True if the conversion was successful, false otherwise